Maffy X Gabee

Whelped May 20, 2008




The Derby Litter

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Puppy No 1 -Flashy Fawn Male
Jesajay's Bold Venture
Staying at Jesajay


Puppy No 2 - Flashy Brindle Female
Jesajay Beaty Road Black Gold
Susan Wilkinson and Darlene Vickers


Puppy No 3 - Flashy Fawn Female
Darvick Jesajay Charismatic
Chris and Jessica Parker & Darlene Vickers


Puppy No 4 - Plain Brindle Female
Jesajay's Dark Star
Betsch Family


Puppy No 5 - Flashy Fawn Male
JeSaJay's Great Expectations Foolish Pleasure - AKA Sherlock
Tom & Kay Dobbs and Larry Rice


Puppy No 6 - Flashy Fawn Female
JeSaJay's Bubbling Over
Staying at Jesajay


Puppy No 7 Flashy Fawn Male 3
JeSaJay's Unbrindled - AKA Apollo
Living it up in Florida with Brian Kennedy and
Erik Marsh



Maffy Testing
HD - A
Spondylosis - 0 (free)
Elbow Dysplasia - free
Knee Arthrosis - free
Patella Luxation - free
BAER - 100/100
Hereditary eye abnormalities - free (CERF)
Thyroid upper normal
Cardio clear (SAS/PS free)
aortic velocity - 1.5 m/s; pulmonic velocity - 1.25 m/s
No heart murmurs (0/6)
Doppler at 1 and 2 years old
BCM free as of November 2007
24 hour Holter - 0 VPCs

Gabee Testing
Echo OFA BX-CA1103/17F/C-PI-ECHO 5/10/06 Normal (Flow Rates 1.7 / 1.4)
Hips OFA BX-3731G25F.PI 1/11/07 Good
Holter 8/24/07 ZERO VPC’s
Thyroid OFA BX-TH390/38FPI 2/8/08 Normal

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